Toy - Shopping List Booster Pack - Fruit and Veg Booster Pack

Toy - Shopping List Booster Pack -  Fruit and Veg Booster Pack


This is very practical Pre-school Award Winning Game

Early learning skills in communication and language


  • Great booster pack to add additional interest and value when playing the popular Orchard Toys
  • ALso can be adding the Clothes booster pack - which allows you to fill your trolley with many more familiar, everyday food
  • Links with Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum English Key Stage 1, encourages observation 

Suitable  for age 3 to 7

  Best selling memory game - Shopping list

  Available extra Fruits booster packs - to increase play value

  • Fun shopping game - Shopping list  for 2 to 4 players



Turn over the cards and try to be the first to fill your trolley with all sorts of  vegetables , fruit, clothes (depending on a pack)
This game can be played on its own, or it can be played with the extra Booster Pack, or with the basic Shopping List game, which can be played by up to 6 players.
Either way, the object of the game is to fill your trolley with as many items as you can from your shopping list.

To play, each player chooses a trolley and a shopping list. All 16 item cards are placed on the table, face down. Each player takes it in turn to pick up a card. If the card matches one of the items in the player's shopping list, they keep the card and place it in their trolley. If the item on the card does not appear on their list, it is placed face down back in the same place on the table. Play continues until one player fills their trolley with all the items on their list.

The game is made with strong, recycled board and is suitable for children aged 3 to 7. It will also help expand children's vocabulary, as there is plenty of opportunity to talk about the items on the cards; what colours things are, what they are made of, what sort of weather would you wear them in. 'Shopping List' is one of Orchard Toys best-selling games, and the Booster Pack allows you fill your trolley with many more items. 

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