Toy - Orcbard Toys - Scaredy Cat - Game

Toy - Orcbard Toys - Scaredy Cat - Game



This popular game is very simple to play, and is great for helping children become confident with counting. It is suitable for children aged 4 to 10, and for 2 to 6 players. It consists of 40 bird cards, 3 cat cards and 6 scarecrow cards. The cards are all shuffled and placed face down in a pile, and players take it in turn to pick up a card from the pile. If they pick up a bird, they place it face upwards in front of them. If it shows part of the scarecrow picture, it is placed face upwards on the table. Each time a scarecrow piece is turned over, it is added to the scarecrow picture. The game continues until the scarecrow picture is complete, at which point all the players add up the number of birds on their cards, and the winner is the player with the most birds. However, all players need to beware of the Scaredy Cat lurking nearby; if a player turns over one of the cat cards, they must return it with all their bird cards to the pile, and start again. The cards in the pile are re-shuffled, and play continues. The game can help children with their number and counting skills, as well as teaching them to play nicely, as in this game the person closest to winning could still lose everything at the last minute. Children will love the bright, clear illustrations and the bold colours, and the cards are made from sturdy, recycled board to give years of play.


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