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HIPPY CHIC - Baby Shoes

HIPPY CHIC -  Baby Shoes

Small: 0-6 months, 10.5 cm, 0–2 UK, 17-18 EU           Medium: 6-12 months, 12 cm, 2–3.5 UK, 19-20 EU          Large: 12-18 months, 13.5 cm, 3.5-5 UK, 20-22 EU

    Shoes and Slippers - Soft leather baby slipper shoe - Tulip - Navy and pink
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    Shoes feature non slip, completely flexible suede soles to aid those important first steps - promoting good balance on slippery surfaces (such as wooden and laminate floors) both indoors and outdoors.  No laces or fastenings means no fuss or frustration when putting them on and the gently elast..
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